Beauty benefits of Marula Oil on your skin.

We are past the stage where we were traumatized by oils. Now we know that they do not give us pimples, they leave the skin soft, they moisturize, they clean and they are an ingredient that you can use both on your skin and on your hair. Surely you already have a few of these oils of beauty, like argan or, atleast, coconut oil. 

If you still don't have one, I recommend you try marula oil. It comes from the seed of the marula fruit and has been used by women in Namibia for centuries. This oil has 60% more antioxidants than all the 
others. So, if you did not know what oil to choose, choose this one.

For your skin:

Marula oil can be used by all skin types. No matter if you have dry, greasy or combination skin, this 
oil will help you solve many of your problems. Dont be afraid to try it, it could transform your skin.

Marula oil will seal moisture on your skin. This causes the skin to hydrate more deeply and make it 
harder for free radicals to act on it.

Marula oil serves as an anti-aging ingredient. It is filled with fatty acids, oils, vitamin C and E 
which works to repair free radical damage. In addition, it improves the elasticity of the skin, which 
causes wrinkles and fine lines to disappear.

Marula oil will eliminate hair frizz by sealing the hair cuticle. Just apply a few drops to your hair 
and see it shine. 

Marula oil fights acne. This oil, in addition to  all its moisturizing benefits, has antibacterial     properties. Bacteria and microbes are often the cause of zits, so it you will have clearer and better  skin over time. 

For your hair:

It protects hair from the environment. Since it is the oil richest in antioxidants, it serves to 
protect your hair from various damages. From the rays of the sun to the heat of a hair iron. Apply a 
few drops to hair ends every day and you will see how it improves the health of your hair.

It nourishes your hair. Thanks to the antioxidants and their moisturizing properties, marula oil serves both the scalp and hair. This allows your hair to be healthy all over and helps it grow.

So now you know. Marula oil is a powerful ally for beauty. I recommend that you always have one in 
your home and bag.

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