Agua Sala


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The rustic, texture of this bar is characteristic of it’s high saline content. Very rich in minerals, the soap draws out toxins while allowing your skin to absorb the minerals and soften. French pink clay and Himalayan salt are thought to remove toxins from the skin and revitalize tired skin. Enriched with shea butter to help tone and nourish. Use the bar on your face & body.

Agua Sala soap bar (Salt Water soap) has a unique citrusy scent feel that makes you feel happy, confident and sexy when using it. This soap scent blends florals and fruits to give it a hint of sweetness and femininity.

Ingredients: Olive oil. Coconut oil. RSPO Palm oil. Aloe water. Coconut milk cream. Unrefined shea butter. Castor oil. Proprietary blend of perfume and essential oils. French pink clay. Brazilian pink clay. Cabo Rojo sea salt. Gold brazilian clay. Sugar.