Aloe + chamomile


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This soap is packed with massive amounts of aloe and chamomile. Making it the best for skin, therefore, keeping the skin delicate and flexible. Aloe + chamomile soap will not strip your skin as it is very moisturizing,  consequently keeping the skin radiant. Regular use of this soap will help to keep your delicate skin in excellent shape.
This soap also has French green clay to make it ultra creamy, nice and smooth. And coconut milk, to add moisture to your skin.

Aloe Vera and chamomile soap is very soothing on dry and sensitive skin, but can be used by anyone in your family.

fragance free

ingredients: Olive oil pomace infused in chamomile, Coconut oil, RSPO palm oil, aloe water, sodium hydroxide. Coconut milk, aloe gel. Shea butter. Castor oil. Chamomile essential oil. Mica. Titanium dioxide. Green clay.