Ama-te Skin Repair Box


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Love Yourself. Love the skin you are in.

Amate is a skin nourishing kit.

  • This kit comes with 4 skin loving soaps:

Cocovena (Coconut cream with colloidal oats and aloe)

Leche de avena con avena y miel (Oatmal milk, oatmeal and honey)

Banana Nut (Goats milk, bananas, almonds)

Azucar Morena (coconut cream with vanilla and sugar)

  • Nourish Skin Balm: an extra creamy skin balm made with coconut oil, avocado, cocoa and shea butters, to help not hidrate but nourish your skin. Hello radiant skin!
  • Manuka Honey Lip balm: for soft lips all day long.
  • Exfoliating glove


Beautiful and Nourished skin with Amate (love yourself, love the skin you are in)