Caribbean Mango


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Caribbean Mango

The king of fruit has earned its royalty status because – let’s be real – it’s delicious, but it gets a lot more bragging rights for its beauty benefits. That’s right, we’re saying you can put it on your face and body, too.

There are multiple benefits of mango for the skin – the active fruit enzymes in mango clarify and moisturise, remove dead skin cells and dullness, while beta carotene revives your skin, restoring its youthfulness. All of this makes it a star ingredient for moisturizers, exfoliants, peels and balms.

As a natural source of Vitamins A & C, the Mango will help balance sebum, protect from sun damage and banish signs of ageing like lines and wrinkles. The extract’s exfoliating properties will also work to scrub out dead skin, dirt and impurities. While the mango soap is good for all skin types, it’s especially effective on either dry or oily skin thanks to its balancing and hydrating properties.

This complex natural fragance begins with fruity notes of mango, fresh pineapple and ripe papaya.
This soap has been made and cut entirely by hand by Oliva.