Cashmere Soap

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Cashmere soap is a dreamy soap.  
Its oil and butter blend makes for a skin softening and nourishing soap. 

Oils of olive, avocado, coconut, shea butter, sustainable palm and castor oils lather wonderfully together and leave your skin ultra smooth. 
Essential oils of orange to promote the production of collagen in the skin, of eucalyptus that helps to slowly lighten small spots of different etiologies; Patchouli essential oil to soften and soothe small
irritations of the skin, and finally ylang ylang essential oil to tone and firm the skin.
Each essential oil of this soap also brings its peculiar aroma. Together, in a balanced way to provide a smooth and vibrant aroma. 
Start your day by waking up in the shower with a rich aroma. At night it helps to calm the stresses of 
a long day.