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A natural power bar. A perfect skin loving ingredients trifecta to help cleanse your skin for naturally clean skin.

Coconut milk cream, tepezcohuite and bentonite clay, deep cleanse, takes care of skin imperfections and redness.

Bentonite clay, absorbs excess skins oils for a matte skin. Keeps excess oils in control.

Coconut milk cream nourishes your skin without the heaviness of the oil.

Tepezcohuite, helps clear your skin and keep it that way.


Cleanse ingredients: Olive oil. Coconut oil. Palm oil. Coconut milk cream. Shea Butter. Castor oil. Bentonite Clay. Tepezcohuite powder. Fragrance oil.  Sodium lactate. Aloe water. Sucrose.


Use twice a day for naturally clean skin. Recommended for people with acne, oily and normal skins. As this soap has been created for deep cleansing of your skin,  I will not use it on babies or children.