Cocoa + cacao


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Cocoa butter is the same ingredient used in chocolate! Cocoa butter is actually the fat derived from the cacao bean. To makeĀ cocoa butter, the seeds of the cacao bean are fermented in banana leaves. They are then dried, roasted and pressed to release the luxurious butter from the beans. Cocoa butter is a rich moisturizer, is also anti-aging and helps with stretch marks! So why not do a bar dedicated to it?

Cocoa + Cacao has two types of cocoa butter: the creamy beige cacao we all know and cocoa butter (this is the butter from which chocolate is made of). The scent is delightful. Cocoa butter and vanilla as its best. May be used by all in the family.

Ingredients: Extra virgin Olive oil. Unrefined organic coconut oil. Cocoa butter. Aloe water. Sodium hydroxide. Rice bran oil. Cacao butter, Castor oil. Fragrance.