Coconut + Oatmeal


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The use of oatmeal as a remedy for various skin conditions has been known since ancient times.

Its use is recommended for all skin types and especially for skin with atopic dermatitis and great dryness.

Oatmeal is able to restore the natural pH values ​​of the skin. In addition, with moisturizing and emollient properties, it also helps to restore the skin's barrier function, as it prevents water loss. Its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve the symptoms of irritation in very dry skin and with eczema and, in addition, soften the skin providing a less rough and more uniform texture.

This soap also contains a lot of coconut oil and coconut milk cream. Coconut oil nourishes, softens and beautifies your skin. Coconut milk cream adds moisturizing bubbles to the skin, providing a smooth and even skin feel.

Together, the two ingredients help keep skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

Ingredients: EV olive oil. Coconut oil. Aloe water. Sustainable palm oil. Coconut milk cream. Castor oil. Cocoa butter. Oatmeal flakes. Colloidal oatmeal. Puerto Rican honey. Blend of essential oils.