Creamy Avocado (Avocado and organic coconut cream soap)


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Creamy Avocado
Avocado and coconut cream soap

This soap is delightful.  When making, I always make sure I have a couple puertorican "butler' avocados. This time I harvested the avocados myself here in Cayey, where I live at the moment.   

How does this soap smell? Extremely smooth. Slightly sweet and fresh. This time I added bentonite and green clay, for some color,  the clays in this soap add to a beautiful creamy lather. 

Thanks to the amount of antioxidants found in avocado (it is one of the richest foods in vitamin E) and in coconut, Creamy Avocado soap help prevent early signs of aging. Creamy Avocado soap, in addition to protecting the skin from external aggressions, restores its elasticity.

Creamy Avocado
Avocado soap and coconut milk cream