Cute Love


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Give yourself a little love with this Cute Love treat! Cute for yourself or for your best friend.

Cute Love set is packed with a full-size RoseBerry coconut milk cream soap, a berry scented mega sudser, and a 2.5 oz Pink Love Quartz candle.

RoseBerry artisan soap: coconut cream and mashed berries. RoseBerry is a bubbly, hydrating and refreshing bar. Notes of black berries, strawberries, roses and coconut with just a touch of vanilla.

Pink Love Quartz candle 2.5 oz.  Lotion candle. You may use Pink Love Quartz as a massage candle or just to nourish and protect your skin with the scent of berries and roses and a touch of pheromones.

Together in a cute reusable box, with a tiny chocolate surprise.