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In french language, Deuce means “soft”.

Want your skin feeling soft and fresh and hydrated after showering? Then Deuce is for you.

  • Has been formulated to softly clean your skin without stripping
  • Fresh chamomile scent
  • Has organic cream of coconut milk to add to bubbles, creaminess and skin nourishment
  • Organic olive oil has been infused in chamomile to help soothe skin with sensitive tendencies
  • Aloe water has been used to help add refreshing bubbles and skin loving properties
  • With hydrating rice bran oil
  • Has skin soothing almond oil

Ingredients:Virgin olive oil. Organic coconut oil. RSPO Palm oil. Aloe water. Lye. Cream of coconut milk. Rice bran oil. Organic castor oil. Almond oil. Dried calendula and chamomile flowers. Sugar. Sodium lactate.