From Acne to Healthy Skin Plus


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From Acne to Healthy Skin Kit

It consists of 4 steps, already proven effective against acne.

Pacific Salt Soap with red clay
Cleans excess oils without dehydrating or drying the skin.
The red clay helps to clear and lighten dark and red spots caused by acne scars. 

Herbal Water Tonic 
Cleans cellular debris, traces of makeup and closes pores. It helps to disinfect and get rid of the 
bacteria that causes acne. Refreshes your skin. Hidrates. 

Detox Clay Mask
Green clay mask with activated charcoal and other good stuff to thoroughly clean, detoxify and 
decongest oily skin, with acne and blemishes.

Water Lock
Our exclusive skin hydration gel. Withraw aloe and coconut water,  german chamomile and blue tansy extracts. 

Healthy Skin Acne Kit