Alba: Goats milk with chamomile and calendula soap


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For centuries the moisturizing properties of goat’s milk have been known. Cleopatra used to bathe in milk to maintain her beauty. Goats milk ph is similar to that of our skin, which helps us to protect it from bacteria and fungi that want to invade it.
The milk contains alpha-hydroxides that help us exfoliate our body and remove dead cells to reveal a beautiful and healthier skin. Goats milk is recommended for skin that suffers from  allergies, eczema or for people with very dry skin or skin that is very sensitive to regular soaps.
When it comes to skin care, chamomile and calendula provide relaxing, soothing and tranquilizing benefits. Therefore they are ideal plants not only when relaxing and soothing the skin, but added to the bathroom, helps to relax physically and mentally while enjoying its sweet and soothing citrusy aroma.


Who can use?

* Babies
* People with skin allergies
* Eczema
* Very dry skin
* Sensitive skin
* Skin very sensitive to regular soaps
* Skin that tends to redden and / or inflamed skin


Alba: Goats Milk with Chamomile  and Calendula Soap