Marula Skin Elixir




Marula is a light oil with a light feel and fast absorption.
It is highly moisturizing, which helps to solve skin tightness, like the one from climate changes or skin dehydration. Marula has natural high concentrations of vitamin C, which contributes to enhance the production of collagen, achieving a firmer and more elastic skin.

Helps reduce the appearance of scars and reduce hyperpigmentation.

It is a rich source of antioxidants, especially vitamin E, flavonoids, procyanidins and catechins, which prevents and combats premature aging; Protects the skin from free radicals that can cause skin cancer.
It is one hundred percent pure and natural, without the use of chemical solvents for its extraction.

It has antimicrobial properties that contribute to a healthy skin and attenuates redness and irritation of the skin. That’s why it is excellent as a moisturizer for daddy’s skin, use it after shaving!

At night, with clean and dry skin, put four to five drops on the face, neckline and neck, and massage gently until absorbed. It can also be used in the morning as a daily moisturizer before the solar factor or as a ‘primer’ before the foundation. Can be applied on body, nails and hair.

With lavender , rosemary, mint and frankincense essential oils.

1.8 oz.

$ 25.00