Melon ball

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Showering with our fruity soap is a sensation equivalent to taking a bite out of a piece of melon on a summer day. Refreshing and pleasant for your skin, its intense melon smell will fill your bathroom.

Melon is very nutritious and rich in vitamins B and C, and almond oil contains a lot of vitamin E, so our orange soap is packed with super-vitamin ingredients and will make you start the day in a great mood. Olive oil ensures that your skin does not dry out, and the refreshing essential oils it contains, sweet orange (de-stressing) and eucalyptus (perfect for tired muscles), reinforce that sunny and cheerful feeling. Melon ball also has poppy seeds to help with exfoliation. 

Ingredients: Sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, lard, distilled water, almond oil and castor oil. Blend of essential and aromatic oils. Poppy Seeds. Mica. Sodium lactate.

Our soaps are handmade in small batches. They are also cut by hand. The color, cut and design may vary between different bars of soap.

Melon ball