Neem with turmeric and lemongrass soap


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Neem with turmeric and lemongrass ayurvedic soap

A lot has been said about neem and its skin benefits. So, we have added turmeric and lemongrass to make a powerhouse of a soap. 
* soap has been made using unrefined neem oil (read soap has a peculiar scent)
* organic ground turmeric has been added for its said skin brightening, skin polishing and skin anti-inflammatory properties
* with unrefined olive oil and coconut oil to add skin conditioning and smoothing benefits
* added lemongrass powder and essential oil to help detoxify the skin and leave it feeling clean and clear, as well as add a beautiful herbaceous aroma

Ingredients: Olive oil. Non GMO Organic Coconut Oil. Unrefined neem oil. Aloe water. Lye. Unrefined organic Shea butter. Castor oil.Ground organic turmeric.  Lemongrass essential oil. Ground lemongrass. Sugar. Sodium lactate.