Pink Love Quartz Candle


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Hand poured coconut-soy wax, wooden wicked candle created with love and light.  They are charged with intention of true LOVE, designed with ROSE QUARTZ, witch is associated with said properties:

+ Its known as a love stone, it vibrates the energy of compassion and empathy. It offers harmony, peace and has the power to heal negative emotions +

It offers a deep and calm energy of self love and fulfilment in who we truly are + It helps with manifestation of true love +

It’s used to attract love to your life.

Just light your candle and enjoy its scent of Blueberries, citrus and red roses with a touch of vanilla bean and pheromones. May be used as a massage or lotion candle. Just turn off your candle a few minutes you enjoy its warm wax benefits. Once the rose quartz shows up, remove it carefully. Wash it with soap and water and carry with you to attract love to your life.