Pit Detox Kit


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Pit Detox Kit

The complete kit to make the transition from a conventional deodorant to a natural deodorant.
It is so important to use a natural deodorant, without alcohol, without baking soda and without 
aluminum, so it is as important to do the corresponding detox.
This kit has:
1- Natural Orange Deodorant and Patcholi
2- Volcanic Salt soap with charcoal activated.

How is it used:
We recommend starting detox when you have a day off at home.
After a shower, dry your armpits and apply the natural deodorant of Orange and Patchouli. 
When you begin to smell in an unpleasant way, wash your armpits with the Volcanic Salt soap with activated charcoal and reapply the deodorant. Repeat as many times as necessary.
On the first day, you may have to wash your armpits 5-6 times. The next day, it may happen even 
more. From the third day onwards, you will begin to realize that every time you wash less your armpits, until you only do it in the shower.

The procedure is proven for a natural armpit detox.

Pit Kit
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