Salty Almond

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Almond milk, coconut and sea salt soap from the Caribbean Sea.

Almond and coconut milk soap is a natural product, rich in fatty acids and antioxidants. These ingredients help the hydration process and ultimately, the generation of new cells.

This soap is smooth and creamy and is especially suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, although we can use it on all skin types.
Almond and coconut milk soap respects and cares for your skin delicately. Composed of nutritious ingredients that will provide all their properties to your skin.
We all know the beneficial qualities of almonds on our health, so we can also take advantage of them on our skin.

Its aroma is difficult to describe. A little coconut and sea water. Very fresh and invigorating.
It's a huge block of soap. You can cut it in two to make it more comfortable for you and longer lasting. 

Ingredients: Coconut oil, lard, sustainable palm oil, almond milk, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil. Fragrance. Cabo Rojo salt. 
Salty almond