Sheabutter calendula eye cream


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Continuous use of Shea butter helps fight skin's aging and 
dulling process. 
Shea butter acts by coating skin with an invisible, non 
comedogenic, film that prevents skin 
dehydration as it protects it from external aggressions, such as the winds drying effects, sunburn, pollution or sudden 
temperature changes. 
Shea butter is very efficient at natural skin regeneration, \and it will also calm irritated skin. 

Shea butter is the most effective natural solution to skin 
aging that exists. 

To increase the shea butter's benefits, we have added 
marigold, to further soothe and hydrate the delicate skin that surrounds the eye. 

Rosehip Oil, Calendula and Frankincense acts as  powerful antioxidants that help reduce 
wrinkles and the first lines of aging,  as sheabutter helps those first line's disappear. 
Shea butter calendula eye cream is a concentrated gentle eye cream you will love from 
first use. 

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