Tepezcohuite Vida




Tepezcohuite Soap

Also known as "Skin loving tree", Tepezcohuite tree bark has been associated with antibacterialand anti-inflammatory properties. 
Tannins in the bark's cortex are skin astringents which will prevent infections and help heal 

Tepezcohuite can soothe pain caused by skin wounds and regenerate skin tissue that has been 
It also works for virtually every condition on both the scalp and the skin.

Aesthetically, Tepezcohuite is beneficial for treating acne, dandruff, and dermatitis. 
Moreover, it can greatly improve red or dark marks and injuries and infection that acne causes in some people.

Skin aging is one of the biggest concerns of people nowadays. Fortunately, this tree bark is 
very effective in skin regeneration. Due to its natural origin, it is ultimately a very 
striking alternative to synthetic procedures and less healthy and more expensive skin products.

This tree bark facilitates wound healing and acts against fungi and bacteria that affects skin.

Tepezcohuite Soap
$ 10.00 ea.