Unbelievably Sexy Natural Deodorant with zinc and magnesium


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Unbelievably Sexy
Natural deodorant with zinc and magnesium
Natural deodorant without aluminum, without alcohol and without bicarbonate of soda. It is excellent for even the most sensitive skin. A fresh fruit medley intertwined with violet and orange blossom. Add vanilla, caramel and musk and this scent will whisk you away. 
This deodorant has a thought, tested and precise mixture: zinc, kaolin clay and magnesium to absorb sweat and provide magnesium to the body. When applied, the magnesium in the deodorant is absorbed through your skin, so instead of toxins, you provide a mineral essential for life.
This deodorant is concentrated. With just a small application you will be covered all day.

Unbelievably Sexy
Natural deodorant with magnesium and bentonite